Quick Tips to Stay Focused

coaching focus & clarity fun & rewards Aug 10, 2021
Can you be easily...distracted?
If so, here's one way to help stay focused and continue to make progress towards your goals.
1. Plan ahead for distractions.
When an idea pops into your head, write it down or make an audio note.
This way you capture the thought, and can get back to what you were doing.
2. Schedule a recurring time up to 50 minutes during the week, to review your ideas.
Ideally, this will be during your free time, but if it adds to your work goals, you could do it during working hours towards the end of a day.
3. Set a timer for the end of the session and take a 10-minute break to do something fun that's an incentive to take the break.
4. Get back to activities that support your goals, or end your work day.
Hopefully this helps you manage your distractions... at least the ones you want to manage!
Time for vegan ice cream!
If you'd like more help staying focused via coaching, here's how I can help!
Wishing you ☀️❤☮️ Alicia

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