Push Past Procrastination Plan

Who This is For

If you would like a FREE coaching session, to create a personalized plan to reach one goal using fun rewards

What You Get

A single coaching session with me, a Certified Professional Coach, to develop your procrastination-busting plan!

How This Happens

The session is via a phone or Zoom call. We identify one goal which your procrastination habit is preventing, and develop an action plan for you to implement on your own after the session.

How the Coaching Session Works

Via one, private coaching call with me on the phone or Zoom. The session is approximately 45 minutes long. To start the session, you call me or join the scheduled Zoom session. Details for the call are provided in the email you will receive after you've completed the registration for your session.

Schedule Your Session

Call or Text me at: 630.283.2202

Coaching Sessions are offered Tuesday through Thursday. The first session starts at 10:00am, and the last session starts at 4:00pm Central Time.

I’m looking forward to helping you Push Past Procrastination!


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