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Here's My Motivation

Hi! I’m Alicia Mlsna, Owner of SuccessfilledTM. Welcome!

One of the reasons I created SuccessfilledTM is that I wanted to help you live the fun, successfully-fulfilled life you are meant to have. Because you are one-of-a-kind, you can contribute to the world in a way no one else can.

I believe that when you become the best version of yourself, your confidence, joy, and energy, create a positive ripple effect that you might not even realize.

I also believe the habit of procrastination is one of the main obstacles to feeling fulfilled. This habit soothes in the moment, but creates greater long-term stress. Stress makes it hard to show up at your best.

As someone who knows first-hand how procrastination can affect your life, I’ve been there and know how to help you move forward.

A bit about me, I’m a Certified Professional Coach, Reiki Master Teacher, MBA, and Educator, who would love to help you have fun, to get things done!

I love seeing people shine! I’m grateful for the beautiful souls in my life. And, I believe having fun is the key to finally getting it done! Yes, really!

Fun for me, takes many forms. Stoking my sense of wonder through variety and exploration. Sharing special moments with those I love. Embracing the magic of dunes, beaches, and water. Helping people tap into their amazing potential. Wandering down the paths that art, quotes, and music pave. 

And, don’t get me started about creative vegan food! I’m still on a quest for vegan ice cream that tastes like real ice cream! I’m not sure if it exists, but I hope it does! If you have any recs, I’d love to hear them...I’m not kidding!

Speaking of food, here’s food for thought.

How might your life, and the lives of those you love, be different, if you decide to water your wilted dreams today?

If not now, when?

Get Started!

How I Can Help

  • Provide clear, practical steps, to replace your procrastination habit.
  • Help you identify and implement fun rewards, to create and maintain action momentum.
  • Clarify what to focus on, to relieve overwhelm.
  • Learn to minimize avoidance behaviors like procrasticleaning, procrastilearning…
  • Help free up your time, so you can do more of what you want.

Here Are the Options

FREE Strategy Session

Get It Done Strategy Session

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Coaching Sessions

Have Fun to Get It Done Coaching

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Reiki Energy Healing

Recharge Reiki

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What People Are Saying


"I've been familiar with coaching for decades. Alicia is fully present, asking pertinent questions with the intention of getting the big picture of my goal, my motivators and useful, manageable steps to guide me toward that goal or vision.

She also helped me set up a plan for moments when I felt triggered to return to old, unproductive habits, so I could stay focused on the new habits, using my motivators and larger vision.

I highly recommend coaching, especially with Alicia!"


"I have been working with Alicia for a couple of months now, and doing Reiki sessions with her has been a true eye-opener.

 I was skeptical at first about Reiki, but she has completely changed my perception.

 Alicia has helped me to relieve physical tension, and release and resolve issues that were holding me back. I now feel more focused, relaxed yet more energetic, and I am making positive changes in various areas of my life.

 I'm a very happy client and I can't recommend her services highly enough."


"Like most people, I have multiple competing demands that exceed the capacity for my time. I went through the Stress Block-Busting Coaching to address stress, and to achieve more balance in my life, and I'm glad I did.

The coaching gave me techniques for examining the challenges in my life as an aggregate, rather than reacting to each individual situation. This allowed me to allocate my time in an efficient and effective manner. I use these techniques daily for both stress management and time planning."

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PLUS - Receive FREE weekly procrastination-busting tips, motivation, and more!

We never sell your information. You may unsubscribe at any time.