About Me

Here's a Snapshot

  • I want to help you Live Like Your Life Matters…and have fun in the process!
  • Some ways I can help you do this are:
    • Creating and implementing a goal action plan, which includes fun rewards, incorporating my training as Certified Professional Coach.
    • Relieving stress and overwhelm via reiki, through my Reiki Master Teacher experience.
    • Providing you with practical strategies, tactics, and mindset tips and tools, influenced in part by my MBA background.
    • Energizing you through inspiration, humor, and stoking your belief in your ability to change your life…and the world!
    • Identify what you truly want on a soul level.

Here's My Motivation

Hi! I’m Alicia, Founder of SuccessfilledTM ~ Welcome! 

I’m so glad you’re here! 

I founded SuccessfilledTM, because I want to help you create a successfully-fulfilled life...a Successfilled life! 

One way to do that is to help you Live Like Your Life Matters. I think this belief is transformational…not just for you…but for the world. 

Think about how extraordinary the world could be, if each of us believed our lives matter...and acted on that belief! 

Living Like Your Life Matters requires change…which isn’t always easy. One of the barriers to change, is that it takes extra effort. It’s easier to fly along on autopilot…  

The good news is that one of the best ways to push past pesky resistance…is to use fun rewards! Yes, you can literally Make It Fun to Get It Done! 

Having fun to craft the best version of yourself…cool idea, right? Becoming the best you, not only helps reach current goals…it also helps revive any wilted dreams that could use watering…  

Your dreams are powerful and life-changing...for you and the world. They tap into your truest, and deepest desires for your life. Please, please help them flourish!  

Here’s a bit about how I can help you. I’m a Certified Professional Coach, Reiki Master Teacher, MBA, Educator, and Artist. I’m a lifelong learner, who continually searches for new and interesting experiences and ideas. I’ve combined my experience, knowledge, and passion to help you stop procrastinating in a fun way...so you can be your best you! 

Here are some things that help me be my best me! Stoking my sense of wonder through variety and exploration. Sharing special moments with those I love. Embracing the magic of enchanting dunes, tree-lined trails, majestic mountains, and dynamic cityscapes. Helping people tap into their amazing potential and purpose. Listening to my intuition and divine guidance. Wandering down the paths that inspiring forms of art pave… 

…And, don’t get me started about creative vegan food! I’m still on a quest for vegan ice cream that tastes like real ice cream! I’m not sure if it exists…but I hope it does! If you have any recs, I’d love to hear them...I’m not kidding! 

Now, why do I think it’s important that you strive to become the best you? 

Because no one has ever been, nor will ever be, exactly like you, you contribute to the world in a way that is unlike anyone else. Your contributions matter in ways you might not ever know.  

I believe that if you could see the positive impact you’ve already made on the world, like George Bailey did in the movie, It’s a Wonderful Life, I think you’d see just how special you are! 

I would love to help you act on the belief that your life truly matters…and can’t wait to see what amazing things you bring to life! 

You've got this! 


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