How Can You Be Like Drops of Rain?

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Learn how can you be like drops of rain to stop procrastinating to create the change you seek.

I’m in awe of the beauty and power of water, and love this quote by the Roman poet and philosopher, Lucretius. It’s amazing to me how something soft can change something as hard as stone.

Drops of rain by themselves have the power to drill into stone…drip by drip. This isn’t a quick process. You could create a hole with a machine much faster. But tiny drops of rain by can carve stone.

If small movements over time can create big changes, think of the possibilities you could create in your life through brief, consistent action. How might your life be different if you begin a new mini routine today to realize that elusive goal you haven’t been able to reach…yet? It’s drops away…


If you doubt the powerful effect of small, but consistent actions, think about someone who is persistent in trying to get a date with you or someone you know. Or, the person who routinely asks to do a business deal together.

Chances are over time, provided the people are respectful and are appealing to you in some way, you’ll think about the possibility of going on a date or doing business together. And…you might even go out with them or gain a new business associate.

In these situations, the people are releasing small drops that wear away at the barriers between where they are and where they want to be. These blocks might be preconceived notions or perceived limitations. Small, consistent actions can create the changes you’re seeking.


Raindrops aren’t always falling and wearing away stone. Sometimes it’s raining. Sometimes it’s not…unless you’re in Scotland. 😉 You don’t have to renovate an entire house without a break. You can start with one corner of a room. You can work on it as your energy, resources, and time allow…but you do need to start…and you will have to routinely make progress.

Like with a house project, you don’t have to spend hours each day working on a goal until it’s done. Make a list of what you need to reach your goal, and start working on one of the steps as you’re able. If you keep chipping away at the list, you might be surprised by what you’re accomplishing!


The process of change doesn’t need to be jarring like drilling through stone with a jackhammer. Change can feel very uncomfortable and sometimes like an assault on your emotions and body. There are ways to make change easier.

One way is to shift your thoughts about what the specific change means to you. Instead of dreading the differences, think about how you can learn and grow from the change. This can help ease any discomfort you might feel.

Another way is to do forms of meditation such as walking, knitting, or petting a beloved pet. It could also be sitting with your eyes closed and breathing deeply while repeating a calming phrase such as, “With these goals become closer.”

You can choose how you respond to change.


Remember the rain… If you’re stuck, because you think you need to take massive action to create the change you’re seeking, remember the rain. Soft raindrops over time wear away holes in stone by themselves. No drill required… Great change can be created from small, consistent actions.

When working towards a goal, you might think it has to be all or nothing. That thought can lead to feeling overwhelmed. Determine what you can realistically do and take breaks when you need them. Just make sure you are pausing temporarily, and not a coming to a complete stop.

You can make the process of change less jarring by a mindset shift and meditative practices such as seated or walking meditation or deep belly breathing…try saying that 10 times fast… 😉

Through your consistent actions, no matter how small, you can create great change. You deserve an amazing life! What gentle drops will you set in motion today?

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Wishing you ☀️❤️☮️ Alicia

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