What's Your Food Separation Policy?


Do you have a no touching policy for the different foods on your plate...or know someone who does?

For me, that’s a big yes!

I have a moderate no touching policy. I prefer the foods to remain separate, but if some touch, I’m OK with that. I like tasting the foods separately and sometimes I prefer it visually and texturally.

I realize that you might be cringing now at the mere thought of even minor comingling… I get it.

Some of my favorite people have a strict no food touching policy. They place each food on their plates with precision. If they're served their food, they spring into action to quickly separate food that has been served without consideration of each item's need for personal space...

During a typical meal, separation can often be done without too much effort. However, at a family function, sporting event, or a friends' get together...it's military precision time!

Food walls are expertly erected, gauging the consistency of the food and its propensity to spread. Mashed potato gravy wells are constructed with engineer-like precision to avoid overflow. And peas are strategically piled, so no pea shall roll past its designated boundary...

The plating is truly a sport unto itself!

However, as you know, no plan survives contact with the enemy... This is when all defenses are tested.

...It’s that moment when your utensils of choice come in contact with the carefully crafted food structures.

Will the walls hold? Will the well spring a leak? Will the peas decide to visit the carrots? ...so many possibilities...

A breach! Quick, decisive action is needed when the baked beans start to slide into the corn…spoons swoop in...crisis averted!

I do hope that you and your loved ones avoid the food commingling crisis today!

I’d love to hear your food separation policy - send a quick email to: [email protected]!

☀️❤️☮️ Alicia


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