How to Create Confidence to Prevent Procrastination from Going Deep

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How to Prevent Procrastination from Going Deep

Procrastination can be sneaky. It might seem innocent enough at first.

You’re lulled into those initial blissful moments of putting off something unpleasant…then the stress sets in...

But once you finally take action, your procrastination doesn’t affect you any more…or does it?


One of the hidden costs of a habit of procrastination, is how it can affect you on a deep level.

Procrastination can chisel away at your confidence in your capabilities, and your belief in your worthiness to live an amazing life.

This goes deep.


Your habitual procrastination can sabotage your goals and dreams with this faulty view, that you can’t reach them.

Please see these false beliefs for what they are. They are created as part of a habit cycle. They’re not fact.

Low Confidence Cycle shows how procrastination can erode confidence in a profound way.




Here’s how the Low Confidence Cycle works.

  1. A lack of action or procrastination, gives a false belief that you lack the competence to do something successfully. 
  1. This lack of belief in your abilities leads to having low self-confidence. 
  1. Low self-confidence results in more procrastination from fear of not being able to correctly do the project or task.


Although some skills might be inherently easy to you, typically you develop skills by…practicing them! Yes! Action builds confidence! can break the Low Confidence Cycle replacing it with a new habit!


One way to break the Low Confidence Cycle habit, is with the Confidence Cycle Tool!



Here’s how to use the Confidence Cycle Tool. 

  1. When you start to feel a lack of confidence in your ability to do something which is causing you to procrastinate, say the following out loud: “Acts Make Facts.” 
  1. This is a reminder that action creates competence. Competence gives you factual evidence that you are capable of doing it. 
  1. Set an alarm for 5 minutes and work on the task or project for five minutes. 
  1. When the alarm goes off, set it for another 5 minutes and take a 5-minute break. 
  1. Repeat this 5-minute work and 5-minute break cycle during your available time. 
  1. Please remember that even 5 minutes of work is 5 minutes more than you did before, and brings you closer to creating competence. 
  1. Developing competence creates confidence in yourself and your ability, to reach your goals and to live your dreams. 
  1. Having confidence fuels your willingness to take action...which starts another round of the Confidence Cycle! 


This is one way to Create Confidence to prevent procrastination from affecting you at a deep level!


I’d love to hear how you used this tool with a quick email to: [email protected]!


Wishing you ☀️❤️☮️🎉!    Alicia

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