Small actions can create great ripples.

In honor of International Women’s Day, here’s something to think about.

Small actions can create great ripples.

If the action is kind, it starts a cascade of kindness and healing.

If the action is rude or hurtful, it creates a chain of pain and damage.

Discrimination drives disparity. Disparity in the perceived value of a person based on their gender: male, female or non-binary. Disparity in healthcare coverage. Disparity in career and wealth opportunities.

Throughout each day, we create ripples through our thoughts and actions, often while on autopilot.


Here’s one way to help choose how we impact others.

Set a recurring alarm for a time during the day when you’re likely to have a few minutes.

When the alarm goes off, take a moment to examine your thoughts and related actions from just before the alarm sounded.

Were they positive or negative?

If they were positive, great! Congratulate yourself for your good work, and go on with your day.

If they were on the not-so-positive side, identify one way you could think or act differently in the future when faced with a similar situation.

Replay the new thought or action in your mind, to help reinforce it.

The next time you encounter this type of situation, try using these different thoughts or actions.

Although you might never know how you impact others, you can feel confident that when you act from a place of love and respect, you’re making the best kind of waves!

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Wishing you ☀️❤️☮️ Alicia

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