Want to Stop Procrastinating in a Fun Way? Try a Power 5!

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Stop procrastinating in a fun way...with a Power 5!

Do you want to stop procrastinating, but can’t seem to take action? If so, have a tool that can help! It’s called the Power 5!

Hey! I’m Alicia Mlsna, Founder of Successfilled, and a Certified Professional Coach.


First off, I want to clarify something. Procrastination is a stress reliever. It’s not an indication of a character flaw or a lack of willpower. You procrastinate to avoid doing something you find unpleasant, which relieves your stress immediately. That’s a benefit of procrastination.

Unfortunately, the immediate and short-term stress relief from procrastinating, results in longer-term stress, because you’re not doing something you either want to do or need to do.


Fortunately, the Power 5 Tool can help you stop procrastinating…in a fun way!

 Here’s how!


  1. Like procrastination, it helps relieve stress. Unlike procrastination, it doesn’t cause longer-term stress.
  2. It’s designed to replace your procrastination habit with one of brief action, followed by fun rewards.
  3. It helps you get over that initial hurdle of starting, which can be the biggest challenge.


Here are some of the benefits of breaking your procrastination habit.


  1. It helps you avoid the longer-term stress of a procrastination hangover! You know, that bad feeling you get from procrastinating… I feel your pain!
  2. It creates confidence in your abilities, by doing things you weren’t sure you could do. Have you ever done something you thought you couldn’t? If so, I bet it felt amazing! If not, you have that to look forward to!!!
  3. It builds better relationships with yourself and others, by doing what you said you would do. If you’ve ever been on the receiving end of someone else not doing what they said they would, you know how that feels. Not great. Breaking your procrastination habit, helps your relationships.


 If that wasn’t enough reason to take action, here’s an important one.

 I believe you’re here to fulfill a purpose. Since no one else is exactly like you, you contribute to the world in a way that only you can! If you’re not taking action, you’re not only negatively impacting yourself, but also others whose lives you’re here to help! Think about that.


Alright! Here’s how to use the Power 5 Tool!


  1. Think of 1-3 fun rewards that you can do in 5 minutes. They can be shorter than 5 minutes, but not longer.
  2. Find a comfortable place to work and get any resources you need to start your task or project. Things such as a computer, supplies, something to drink…
  3. Set an alarm for 5 minutes.
  4. Start working, and continue to work until the 5-minute alarm goes off.
  5. When the alarm goes off, set it for another 5 minutes and take your fun reward for taking action!
  6. When the alarm for your reward goes off, repeat Steps 3-5 during the time available.
  7. Congratulate yourself for taking action, instead of procrastinating!!!


 Pro Tips

  • If you don’t have time right now to work on your task, set an alarm for when you can start. If a calendar reminder is sufficient to get your attention, you can do that instead of the alarm.
  • Make a game of seeing how much you can do in 5-minute increments! You can play against yourself, or challenge someone else with a procrastination habit. This can be especially helpful with boring or particularly unpleasant tasks.
  • Pick fun rewards that are strong enough incentives that you’ll be willing to take action for a brief 5 minutes.
  • If you’re not sure what types of rewards to use, think of ways you procrastinate currently. If you can do those things in 5 minutes AND you’re willing to stop them after 5 minutes, pick one of those. Otherwise, think of something else like developing a new skill, hobby, or learning a new language.
  • Be kind to yourself! It likely took time to develop your procrastination habit. It’s the same with creating a new action habit!
  • 5 minutes of action at a time adds up. If you do six, 5-minute sessions, you’ll have done 30 minutes of work…and have 30 minutes of fun!!!
  • If you find yourself procrastinating again, after successfully using this tool, that’s natural! It’s a process! Focus on the progress you have made! Give yourself a reward for having taking action to this point. Forgive yourself, if necessary. Take a short break if desired. Then do the Power 5 Tool steps to get back on track!


I want to leave you with a thought. You matter. What you do matters. You are capable of things you might not believe are possible! When you take action, instead of procrastinating, you prove to yourself that this is true.


Yay! You’ve got this!

I’d love to hear how you used this tool with a quick email to: [email protected]!


Wishing you ☀️❤️☮️!    Alicia



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