Is This Surprising Four-Letter Word Hurting Your Mindset?

coaching goals mindset procrastination Feb 02, 2022
I'm sure you know a number of typical four-letter words. Sometimes they're used for emphasis, and sometimes to be hurtful.
Here's one four-letter word you might not have thought of. A four-letter word that in my opinion, is one of the most damaging words you could use.
The word is...can’t.
Take a moment to think about how you use this word, or in what situations others have said it to you.
How did it make you feel? Excited? Energized? Or, diminished? Lacking talent or ability?
I'm guessing it was the latter.
When you say the word can't to yourself, it can trick you into thinking something that is only difficult, is impossible.
When you say it to someone else, it can introduce doubt regarding their personal potential.
I'm not talking about using it if someone is truly incapable of doing something due to incapacitated physical or mental abilities, or to prevent someone from injuring themselves.
What I'm referring to is when you tell yourself, you can't do, have, or be something you want, because you're afraid or hesitant to take the action required to make it happen.
Or, you might tell someone else they can't, instilling that limiting thought in them, because you think they would be hurt or disappointed. In your mind, you might think you're preventing them from pain you've seen or experienced.
Be careful about passing on your fears or limitations on to someone else. Everyone's journey is unique. You, and everyone, is capable of the extraordinary.
Now, ask yourself this question.
How are you settling for merely ordinary? What are you telling yourself that you can't do? 
You can start to change your internal narrative by replacing "can't" with: "How can I?"
"How can I have a fit, strong body?"
"How can I make the money I want for my dream home?"
"How can I reduce plastic use in my community?"
It all starts with the belief that you can. Then, you need to take consistent action.
What’s one thing you’ve been telling yourself that you can’t do?
What’s one step, no matter how small, you can take to prove to yourself that you can?
Decide what you're able and willing to do today, and commit to doing it.
I believe in you!
By taking action, you’ll start to believe in yourself too!
If you'd like more help proving to yourself what you CAN DO, here's how I can help!
Wishing you ☀️❤️☮️ Alicia

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