Make It Fun to Get It Done Coaching

Who This is For

If you would like coaching support, to help you focus on fun rewards to get the things done you’ve been procrastinating on.

What You Get

Nine sessions of individual coaching support with me, a Certified Professional Coach. You’ll learn how to use rewards to swap your procrastination habit for one of action. You’ll get clarity about what to focus on and why, relieve overwhelm, and learn how to bring yourself back quickly when you’re mindlessly scrolling or procrastilearning… You’ll also see how taking action can help you have more free time. We’ll identify how procrastination is preventing you from living your best life, and the main result you would like to see from taking action. We’ll also develop an overall strategy to change your procrastination habit, and an action plan to guide the coaching sessions.

How This Happens

The sessions take place through a series of nine, one-on-one coaching calls with me. The first call begins with an introduction, then we clarify how procrastination is affecting your life, and identify your desired result shifting from procrastination into action. We use this information to develop your personalized, strategy and plan. During the first eight coaching sessions, we will agree on the action you will take during the week until your next session. Starting with the second coaching session, we will also review your week. This review serves to celebrate your progress, determine what is working and what might be modified, and create the action steps you’ll take, during the time between the sessions. The last session is a review of the previous week, the nine sessions, and suggestions for continuing your progress.

How the Coaching Sessions Work

Through a series of nine, one-on-one, coaching calls with me on the phone or Zoom. The sessions are approximately 45 minutes long, with the first call lasting approximately 1 hour. To start the session, you call me or join the scheduled Zoom session depending on the option you selected. Details for the call or Zoom session will be provided in the email you will receive after the registration has been completed for your first session.

How to Sign Up

Step 1 - Purchase Your Sessions

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Step 2 - Book Your Appointment

Call or Text me at: 630.283.2202

Coaching Sessions are offered Tuesday through Thursday. The first session starts at 10:00am, and the last session starts at 4:00pm Central Time.

I’m looking forward to helping you Make It Fun to Get It Done!

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