Make It Fun to Get It Done Coaching

Who This is For

If you would like coaching support, with a focus on fun rewards, to get the things done that you’ve been procrastinating on, and…to help you create an Epic, Impactful, Purposeful Life!

 What You Get

  • 9 sessions total: 3 COACHING SESSIONS PER MONTH for 3 months) with me, a Certified Professional Coach. The 3 sessions per month allows for flexibility for personal commitments.
  • Clarity on what’s important to you... not what you or others think should be important...
  • Goals to make a Positive Impact.
  • Fun rewards to help change your procrastination habit to an action habit.
  • Identify ways you're stuck the "Fine Zone"... and how to Stop Settling.
  • Overwhelm and stress relief
  • Explore potential time savings.
  • Increased confidence
  • Strategy and an action plan to guide the coaching sessions.

How This Happens

During the 3 months, we begin by partnering to create an overall strategy and plan to guide the one-on-one coaching call sessions.

We identify what is preventing you from living your best life, and the main goal or goals you want to reach.

After the initial strategy and planning coaching session, the sessions are structured as follows:

  • Start by celebrating and discussing your wins from the previous week.
  • Discuss any challenges you had, if any, and ways to move forward.
  • Determine what you'll work on until the next session and include methods or tools to use, where appropriate.
  • The last session is a review of the previous week and includes suggestions for continuing your progress.

How the Coaching Sessions Work

Through a series of 9, one-on-one, coaching calls with me on the phone or Zoom. That’s 3 Coaching Calls Per Month, to provide flexibility for personal commitments.

The sessions are approximately 45 minutes long, with the first call lasting approximately 1 hour. 

To start the session, you call me or join the scheduled Zoom session. Details for the call are provided in the email you will receive after you've completed the registration for your sessions.

How to Sign Up

Step 1 - Schedule Your First Session

Call or Text me at: 630.283.2202

Coaching Sessions are offered Tuesday through Thursday. The first session starts at 10:00am, and the last session starts at 6:00pm Central Time.

I can't wait to help you Make It Fun to Get It Done!

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Step 2 - Purchase Your Sessions --- 2 Options

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