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I Have a Special Experience I’d Like to Share With You


Imagine if there were a transformative experience you can enjoy anytime, right from the comfort of your home. An experience designed to help you relieve stress, release tension, and cultivate a profound sense of peace and vitality. Would you like to hear more?  I can share more about it…and…here’s a bit about me.

Hi! I’m Alicia Mlsna, Founder of SuccessfilledTM, and Reiki Master Teacher. I founded SuccessfilledTM, because I want to help you live a successfully-fulfilled, Epic Life! I believe one of the best ways to do this through a wellness routine to help you show up in your life, as the best version of you.

It’s through purposeful action, that you transform not only your life, but also your belief in who you are, and what you can accomplish. Here are some of the ways I’ve helped my clients prove to themselves how mentally, emotionally, and physically strong and effective they are.

I’ve assisted clients to lose weight, get back on track, and maintain their health and fitness goals. I’ve guided other clients to create strategies and tactics, to successfully navigate challenging relationship discussions and issues. And I’ve helped clients whose job or career searches had stalled, to devise a game plan, and take the action to make it happen.

I’m someone who loves fun and interesting experiences. I love the anticipation before the event, the amazing feeling during it…and the ways in which the experience stays with me…and changes me in positive ways afterwards. I also love creating experiences for others.

Using my knowledge, research, and experience as a Reiki Master Teacher, I developed the Guided Reiki Energy Healing Experience, to help you relieve stress and tension…and to instill peace, wellness and vitality!

I’m offering the Guided Reiki Energy Healing Experience, during which you’ll participate in a guided reiki session, learn about reiki and the seven main chakras, and enhance your reiki session even more with a journal.


Here’s the Offer for This Soothing Reiki Experience

Since I like knowing up-front what the investment will be, here it is. The investment amount for this guided reiki experience offer is: $497.

Now, that’s out of the way. Let’s move on to how this reiki experience can help you feel better now.


How This Reiki Experience Can Work for You

Reiki energy healing is reported to be thousands of years old. It has been used to revitalize a person’s body, mind and spirit, by realigning with God/Higher Power energy.

By participating in the Guided Reiki Energy Healing Experience, you are allowing the energy of pure love to assist you in releasing tension, relieving stress, and creating a sense of peace, wellness, and vitality.

This reiki experience is designed with you in mind. You can customize the experience to fit your needs regarding the time, place, and frequency... since this reiki experience is online.


Here’s how it works. The Guided Reiki Energy Healing Session is the main part of this experience. This is where you participate in an approximate 25-minute, guided reiki session to help you release tension, relieve stress, and instill a sense of calm, well-being, and vitality.

The session is a recorded video of a reiki session with me and a volunteer reiki client. You follow along with the recorded video session, and envision yourself in the place of the volunteer. Because reiki works through using positive God/Higher Power energy to clear negative energy. Since energy is omnipresent, you receive the same benefits regardless of your location. Also, the recorded session is as effective as a live session... similar to the energetic boost you receive from watching a recorded motivational speech.


Through this reiki experience, you can start to feel less stressed... and tense, and more alive! Not bad benefits, right?


Now at this point, you might be wondering, how is this reiki experience any different from everything else I’ve tried?

Let me tell you. To create this experience, I’ve incorporated my experience, research, and tools I’ve used to help my clients get the relief they needed. My clients not only felt calmer and revitalized... but they also experienced a way to be so much more than... just fine!

Here’s what some of them are saying…


What People Are Saying



“I felt a type of relief I didn’t know I needed, as the energy started to flow through me when Alicia worked on my sacral chakra. I felt a peace I’ve never experienced before. It was otherworldly, almost as if it were an out-of-body experience, but I was very much aware of my surroundings and my body. I’m not sure how to explain it. I really hadn’t been feeling well during that part of my pregnancy, and I decided to try reiki last resort. I’m so glad I took a chance, because it helped me get through a difficult time.”

Marie was experiencing discomfort with her pregnancy which she wasn’t able to alleviate. She was hesitant to try reiki, and was glad she was able to find the relief she was looking for…and more.



"I have been working with Alicia for a couple of months now, and doing Reiki sessions with her has been a true eye-opener.

I was skeptical at first about Reiki, but she has completely changed my perception.

Alicia has helped me to relieve physical pain and tension, and release and resolve issues that were holding me back. I now feel more focused, relaxed yet more energetic, and I am making positive changes in various areas of my life.

I'm a very happy client and I can't recommend her services highly enough."

Caroline had both reiki and coaching with me. Through coaching, she followed the steps we discussed and got a new job, and via reiki, she experienced relief from joint pain and tension which also helped her sleep better.



“My reiki experience with Alicia was profound. I’d had reiki before, so I was familiar with it and knew I liked it. With Alicia, it was another level. I felt sensations in my body I hadn’t felt before in a reiki session. It was powerful, yet gentle. I had a big release of emotions later that day that I had been holding on to. It’s common for me to have pent-up emotions come out during and sometimes hours after a session.

Something came up for me in the session that I didn’t realize was affecting me. That’s what it’s like, for me anyway. Things that are bothering me come to the surface, so I can release them and get insight for how to deal with them, if I need to do more than just let the feelings go.

What was different about this session was that the energy was very powerful without feeling overwhelming, and I was able to clear out a lot of negative emotions that were stuck in me. I felt so much better after getting rid of those negative feelings. It was likely briefly feeling the sensation of walking on a cloud. It was so special.”

Carlita was struggling with some issues internally, that weren’t evident to her. Through reiki with me, she was able to clearly identify the issues, release the associated negative feelings, and take action to help resolve what remained of these issues.


This Is Important

Before I tell you more about the Guided Reiki Energy Healing Experience… I want ask you this: If you’re feeling less calm or energetic than you would like, how is this affecting your life…and the lives of those you care about?


Here’s What You Get

Since you’ve gotten to this point, I’m guessing you might have stress you’d like to get rid of…or you might want tension relief.

Either way, this reiki experience can help.

So, first off, when you participate in the Guided Reiki Energy Healing Experience, you get:

  • An online reiki energy healing session that I, a Reiki Master Teacher, guide you through on the video, as you relax in the comfort of your own home.
  • A guide which provides information on reiki, the seven main chakras, an explanation of how to use the journal to enrich the reiki session, and an overview of the reiki session.
  • A journal to enhance your reiki experience.


A convenient feature is that you can download the guide and journal, so you can save them to your computer or phone. This also allows you to go through these materials offline if you prefer.


The reiki video session is NOT downloadable, to serve as a reminder to select a safe and appropriate place for the session, during a time when you are NOT: driving, operating machinery, or doing anything that requires your attention.


Here Are Some of the Benefits

Through this experience, you’ll:

  • Have an online reiki energy healing experience, which you can access on video at your convenience, 24/7.
  • Be able to enjoy the session in less than 23 minutes…making it designed to fit into your schedule…and life.
  • Relieve stress that has built up in your body, mind, and soul.
  • Release pent-up tension in your body.
  • Learn about reiki energy healing, the 7 main chakras, and the role they play in maintaining wellness.
  • Instill more peace in your life.
  • Enhance your self-awareness and the reiki experience through the reiki journal.
  • Experience elevated vitality and well-being.


You’ll receive all of that, in the Guided Reiki Energy Healing Experience.

The bottom line is that if you participate in the reiki experience, you’ll come away with a unique and effective way to feel more vibrancy and peace.


Here’s How You Get the Experience

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Something to Consider…

When is the right time to experience beautiful calming energy?


Your Energy Healing Experience Is a Click Away

If you’re ready to relieve your stress and tension, to better help you live and Epic Life full of purpose, for yourself and your loved ones, then your next step is to click the order button below and get the Guided Reiki Energy Healing Experience.


Here’s the Guarantee

You have a full 7 days to see if the Guided Reiki Energy Healing Experience is right for you. That means you can try out a full week, to see if it’s right for you. If you determine that it isn't, just let me know, and I’ll gladly refund your money. No hassles. No hard feelings.


One last thing…

I don’t have a magic wand to instantly transform your wellness, but I have created an experience to help you improve it. You Escape the "Fine Zone" through action. This system not only helps improve your wellness…it also helps you Stop Settling!

I believe it’s important to enjoy this amazing ride called life! I think that when you do the things that make you feel happy, joyful, and proud of who you are and how you’re showing up, you become a better version of yourself. You contribute to your purpose. The purpose you were born to fulfill in this lifetime. The purpose to help you learn and grow…and to contribute to the world in a way that is unique to you.

One of the things this journey of discovery has resulted in for me is the Guided Reiki Energy Healing Experience. You can participate in this experience…at your convenience…to feel more alive…and to release anything holding you back.

If you’re ready to create and live an Epic Life... then your next step is to click the button below and get the Guided Reiki Energy Healing Experience.

This is your time. Your time to believe in yourself. Your time to Stop Settling! There has never been a better moment…

Now is the time to stop the pain caused by tension and stress.

Now is the time to revitalize your life!

Now is the time to make the changes you've said you would... but haven't quite taken...

Get the Guided Reiki Energy Healing Experience, and say yes to a more Vibrant and Impactful You.

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It’s Your Choice

You have a decision to make. I can’t make it for you… the only thing I can do is tell you that the Guided Reiki Energy Healing Experience is effective.

My clients have used this process to enhance their lives.

If you don’t take action now, what’s going to change?

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