Who This is For

If you want to recharge by relieving stress and tension in your body, soul, and mind.

What You Get

Energy healing reiki, focused on recharging you, from me, a Reiki Master Teacher.

What Is Reiki

An energy healing technique, during which God/Universal energy is directed through the practitioner’s hands, to activate the natural healing processes, and restore physical and emotional well-being.

How This Happens

The session takes place on a call with me. You select a safe, comfortable place to sit or lie down for the duration of the session. I start the session with a silent prayer, and ask God/Higher Power to bring through only positive, soothing and recharging energy. Then, I walk you through a brief grounding exercise. Next, I direct the energy flowing through my hands towards each of your seven main chakras with my mind, explaining as I proceed through each chakra. The session ends with running your energy and grounding you.

How the Reiki Session Works

Through a call on the phone or Zoom, that is approximately 30 to 45-minutes long. To start the session, you call me or join the scheduled Zoom session. Details for the call are provided in the email you will receive after you've completed the registration for your session. In this email, you will also see the following important notification.

Please Note: You may fall asleep during the reiki session. Please keep this in mind when you choose a location, and a position, lying down or sitting, for the session. You will receive the benefits of reiki whether you are asleep or awake.

How to Sign Up

Step 1 - Book Your Appointment

Call or Text me at: 630.283.2202

Reiki Sessions are offered Tuesday through Thursday. The first session starts at 10:00am, and the last session starts at 6:00pm Central Time.

I’m looking forward to helping you recharge by easing away stress and tension!

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Step 2 - Purchase Your Session(s)

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