Improvisation in Your Plan

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Have you ever been surprised when things haven't gone as planned?

I experienced the unexpected when I went grocery shopping for one of my favorite people. I entered the store and realized all of the aisles were dark.

I decided to shop using my flashlight app, because I wanted to get this person's food, and I thought it would be a mini adventure, which it was.

I removed my prescription sunglasses, because they were too dark, and seeing clearly is overrated. The list was on my phone, so I juggled the memo and flashlight apps, and navigated blurry aisles - success!

This was a minor improvisation with few consequences.

Sometimes there are more complex situations, where your improv skills are vital (humor included) and they aren't necessarily related to a pandemic!

It can be helpful to have a plan. A plan helps you get where you want to go, hopefully in a strategic way.

It can also be useful to devise alternate plans, in case you need to change course.

Even with a few alternate plans, you might need to improvise.

What I mean is if you have a Plan A, B and C, sometimes none of them will work.

If you include improvisation as a step you will take in order for your plan to succeed, it's less likely you'll be derailed or stopped, if there's an obstacle.

If you'd like to practice improvising, you might want to start with a plan that doesn't have major consequences.

It could even be something like your plan for the weekend.

If your weekends usually consist of the same activities, do one thing differently.

You could add an activity, change the order of errands, or see/talk to someone that you haven’t had contact with recently.

The idea is to go slightly off plan through your own choice, to make it easier if/when changes are imposed on you.

The better you become at improvising, the more likely you will reach your goals without letting the unexpected bumps derail you!

If you'd like more help incorporating improvisation in your plan via coaching, here's how I can help!

Wishing you ☀️❤️☮️ Alicia


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