For your journey of life, what’s in your baggage?

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What's packed in your baggage?

You know how packing for a trip can add to your fun or weigh you down?

It's the same with your thoughts.

Just like you have bags for a trip, you also have a Guiding Thoughts Bag that you carry and use to make decisions throughout your life.

For a trip, you pack clothes. For your life, you pack thoughts.

If you never unpacked your real luggage, the next time you traveled, it would likely have items that were great for another trip, but are weighing you down now.

The guiding thoughts you add to and have accumulated in your bag might be useful, but maybe not.

One way to journey on with a lighter load, is to vet the thoughts you’re adding and those you’ve already packed.

Here’s one way to vet your thoughts.

1. Schedule a block of time to review the thoughts that are guiding your behaviors, OR look at them one-by-one as you take them out of your Guiding Thoughts Bag to use.

Here are some thoughts you might have.

  • Is the mental boundary you built for someone, who was a jerk to you, needed with another person? Or, is it keeping you from having the close, healthy relationship you would love to have?
  • Do you tell yourself, you can’t work towards a goal or dream yet, because you need to do something else first? Then, you never get around to doing that thing that’s preventing you from already having what you really want?
  • Do you think it’s bad or wrong to take alone time for self-care? Is it selfish or are you ensuring you’re able to show up in your life in the best way you can?
  • Does your rule that you can't have fun until you achieve a goal, now stopping you from enjoying the process of reaching that goal? Preventing you from being present and acknowledging the beauty and bounty already in your life?

2. Ask yourself this question, “Are my current thoughts worth the weight of carrying them around?”

  • Answer this question honestly and try not to have others’ opinions influence your answers.

3. Celebrate taking action with a fun reward of positive congratulatory comments, a beverage of choice, or something that makes you happy!

Way to go! You’re lightening your thought load for your journey through this amazing life!

If you'd like more help unpacking your thought baggage via coaching, you can learn more about how I can help here!

Wishing you ☀️❤️☮️ Alicia


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