Simple Tool for Consistent Action

coaching goals procrastination Nov 16, 2021

Here’s an easy and effective tool, you can start using today, to help you take consistent action.

What’s the tool? An alarm. What? Really? Yes, really!

This simple tool can be a game changer.

It’s been instrumental in helping me maintain my energy and focus, so I can take action throughout the day. And I hope that this will help you too!

Here’s one way to use it.

This example is for a one-hour segment of time, starting on the hour. (You’ll take action for 50 minutes and a break for 10 minutes.)

Please feel free to modify it for half-hour or shorter time segments. If possible, don’t wait longer than 50 minutes to take a break away from your desk.


1. Set one alarm for 50 minutes from now. During these 50 minutes, you’ll take action on a project or goal.)

     a. If you’re starting at 9:00am, set the alarm for 9:50am.

2. Adjust the alarm sound and/or vibration setting, if possible, to one you don’t typically use, to help you notice when the alarm goes off.

     a. If you’re using your phone alarm, there are often separate settings for alarm sound and vibration.

3. Set a second alarm for 60 minutes from now. (During these 10 minutes, you’ll take a break and recharge.)

     a. If you’re starting at 9:00am, set the alarm for 10:00am, so your break is from 9:50am-10:00am.

4. Adjust the alarm sound and/or vibration setting, as in Step 2.

5. When the first alarm goes off, get up and take a break.

     a. If you’re in the middle of something that can be completed in 1-2 minutes, keep going and then take the break. Otherwise, write a quick reminder of your thoughts, if desired, and leave your desk.

     b. Walk around, get water, or do some gentle stretches, to help rev up your metabolism and mood.

6. When the second alarm goes off after 10 minutes, return to your desk.

7. You can reset the alarms after each one goes off, or you can set them for the day – or even the week.


  • Don’t ignore the alarm. Moving your body at regular intervals, helps you increase your energy and focus to take consistent action.
  • Modify the length of your action and break segments by 5-10 minutes, if needed.

I’d love to hear how you use this tool!

Wishing you ☀️❤️☮️ Alicia


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